Tuesday, September 01, 2015

10 Year Old Stumps NFL Stars

I feel that Andrew Luck would be pretty good on Blue's Clues.

CrossFitters doing CrossFit [Fail]

How come only the women get the anti-skull-puncturing tennis balls on the hurdles??

Monday, August 31, 2015

How Bourbon is Made

Great video overall... The Buffalo Trace guy was the best speaker I think.

Backflip On The Edge Of Trolltunga

Those who don't like heights should look away now.

Because, if the idea of standing near the edge of a piece of rock jutting out over a 700 metre drop is enough to give you sweaty palms, these pictures of a daredevil doing a backflip are likely to send you into a full blown panic attack.

Luckily, Toby Segar had no such fears when he decided to perform the stunt on the edge of Trolltunga - or 'Troll's Tongue' - in Norway.

'It might sound crazy, but nothing can go wrong after take-off,' the 21-year-old, from Godalming, Surrey, said, having successfully completed the acrobatic display.

The backflip was caught in these stunning photos, which capture the rock, which protrudes out of a mountain on the north side of lake Ringedalsvatnet.

It clearly shows Segar - who has been training as a parkour artist for the last decade - standing right on the edge of the flat piece of rock, before jumping up into the air to begin the feat.

But it seems even daredevils do get a little nervous.

Segar said: 'Everyone is scared of heights, it just takes time to learn how to deal with that fear rationally. [Continue]
Not as scary as those tower climb videos but still pretty impressive.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Every Blue Jays Home Run from 2015 (until Aug 26)

Watching the symmetry of the different pitchers is also pretty cool.