Monday, September 15, 2014

The Hidden Beauty of New York City’s Basements

For apartment-seekers in New York, a building’s basement is usually not among the top concerns. But in 2010, when Gesche Würfel and her husband went looking for a new place in upper Manhattan, they proved different from typical apartment-seekers. “My husband insisted on seeing the basements because he grew up in New York and he knew that you can judge the quality of a building from the look of the basement,” Würfel said. “When we went downstairs, I saw some really amazing spaces.” [Link]
Untitled 62 is totally a Dexter kill room.

How to Cook Gill-to-Tail with Antonio Park

If I can only choose one dish... I would take the 2nd one with the deep fried bones.

Crochet Ramen

Cheated on the broth!

Via [Neatorama]

World’s First 3D Printed Electric Car

In a matter of two days, history was made at Chicago’s McCormick Place, as the world’s first 3D printed electric car—named Strati, Italian for “layers”– took its first test drive.

“Less than 50 parts are in this car,” said Jay Rogers from Local Motors. Roger’s company is part of the team that developed the engineering process to manufacture an entire car with carbon fiber plastic and print it with a large 3D printer set up at McCormick Place by Cincinnati Incorporated.

Oakridge National Laboratory also collaborated on the concept that could bring custom printed cars to the marketplace by 2015. [Link]
How would you repair body damage to a 3D printed car?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Epic Nerf War

Nerf makes a gatling gun!?!