Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Best Sandwich Ever

“Your Top 5 favorite sandwiches, in order, please. Go.” This is a game I play in the car with my children, as if we were characters in a Nick Hornby novel. It’s a diversion to make long travel more bearable. We play it all the time. The children rush to judgment, and as is true for most of us, their answers change along with their tastes. But of late: grilled cheese on white, with tomato soup; the B.L.T. from a store in Maine near their uncle’s house, on thick country bread; ham and Brie with mustard on baguette; a meatball sub from a local deli; and — does a hamburger count? (It does not.)

Dad’s turn. I count in reverse order: that B.L.T., yes, perhaps with avocado; turkey with Swiss, coleslaw and Russian dressing on a kaiser roll; peanut butter and gochujang (the Korean hot-pepper paste) on sesame toast; a Reuben, on rye of course, with pastrami, Swiss, sauerkraut, more of that Russian. I know a guy who makes those as if he were building violins for Pinchas Zukerman. I pause before the No. 1 slot, as if reflecting; I enjoy giving this answer. My most favorite sandwich is fried eggplant, mozzarella and roast beef on an Italian hero, with hot peppers and a slash of mayonnaise. [Continue]
Totally need to make this!

Dead Mall Series: Forest Fair Village Mall Ft.

I can see a few malls in Toronto becoming like this in a few years.

Monday, May 02, 2016

Melon & cheese-flavored Kit Kat

This new Kit Kat flavor certainly sounds fascinating, but you can only buy them at strictly limited locations!

That’s right, did you know that there are some Kit Kat items that you can only buy at certain airports in Japan? The new “Hokkaido Melon with Mascarpone Cheese” Kit Kat is one such product, and they’re sold exclusively at specific areas within some of the major international airports in Japan. The name of the flavor alone were more than enough to capture our attention! [Continue]
Cheddar is great in an apple pie... so this Kit Kat could be good.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

Pizza Packed in a Pizza Box Made Out of Pizza

For years restaurants have tried to improve on pizza with any number of innovations. First they tried stuffing the crust with cheese, then pepperoni, then finally they just gave up and put hot dogs in there. They’ve made the crust itself out of bacon, and put toppings on it ranging from pineapple and mozzarella sticks to foie gras and fish eggs. But they spent so long trying to improve pizza they never stopped to realize they couldn’t improve something that is already perfect; they only needed to give us more of it.

Ladies and gentlemen, we bring to you the greatest pizza development yet–the pizza box pizza. A box for your pizza made entirely out of pizza. [Continue]
So much crust.

How to make a wine slushie

Who doesn't love a boozy treat, especially a cold one when the weather is sweltering? I came of drinking age when frozen mudslides and super-sweet frozen strawberry daiquiris were all the rage at chain restaurants, but I prefer my frozen cocktails a little less sweet these days.

This week, I started playing around with frozen wine drinks, better known as wine slushies, so I can add them to my summer offerings when I'm entertaining. I read various recipes. A few said to simply throw the wine in the freezer and add nothing to it. Others mixed the frozen wine with frozen fruit. Some added sugar to the mix in various measurements, and a few of those were so sugar laden that they took me back to the early-'90s chain restaurant drinks.

For my first experiment, I froze one cup of red and cup of white one white wine separately — a garnacha and a pinot grigio. The next day I scraped them around a bit to make them slushie consistency and sampled. Yuck. These two wines frozen and by themselves were not palatable. [Continue]
Perfect! I have a new blender coming from Amazon next week.