Tuesday, September 02, 2014

IKEA's New Catalogs: Less Pine, More Pixels

That couch catching your eye in the 2013 edition of IKEA's new catalog may not be a couch at all.

It is likely the entire living room was created by a graphic artist. In fact, much of the furniture and settings in the 324-page catalog are simply a collection of pixels and polygons arranged on a computer.

The Swedish furniture giant has for decades spent more than two-thirds of its marketing budget building and furnishing living quarters, which are typically portrayed with a sparse, fastidious fashion sensibility and lighted with impeccable precision.

But the privately-held company's quest to curb costs and boost productivity has it mothballing some of this real-world production. It is instead turning to 3-D graphics to fill its pages.

This year 12% of IKEA's content for the Web, catalog and brochures were rendered virtually; that number will increase to 25% next year. [Link]
If you are looking for it... the rendered ones are fairly obvious.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Giant Mac and Cheese Bread Cones

Adding to their repertoire of Mickey Mouse-shaped beignets and deep-fried chicken crack, Foodbeast reader Ryan Horikoshi brought to our attention Disney’s latest theme park behemoth: Macaroni and Cheese Bread Cones.

Found at a concession stand in Disney’s Hollywood Studios (one of four theme parks at Florida’s Walt Disney World Resort), the bread cones previously debuted at Disneyland’s Car Land and Cozy Cone Motel. The cones come in a medium drink cup, for safety, along with a bag of chips, for taste.

Wendy, over at The Disney Food Blog, opted to sprinkle bacon on hers — smart lady — and describes the savory treat as overflowing with “mac-and-cheese goodness” and covered with a respectable “bacon pile.” [Link]
That's the size of a traffic pylon!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

New Toronto Streetcar Stop Signal

Some C&C Music Factory should play every time the doors open.

French Fry Crust Pizza

I’ve see many variations of the french fry pizza combo, but none that actually looked like a pizza. Using cheese as a glue to hold the fries together I was able to create a crust and build a pizza on top of it. As an added bonus for those of you who want to be health conscience while eating a pizza on top of your french fries, it’s gluten free! Recipe is as follows...
I would consider this more of a pizza poutine.

Via [Thrillist]

Eight Crazy Foods to Try at the State Fair of Texas

Visitors to the upcoming State Fair of Texas should probably start popping antacids now in preparation for the festival's insane line-up of fried food creations. Eater Dallas notes that this year is especially over-the-top. According to the Fair's Facebook page, the finalists for the 2014 Big Tex Choice Awards include Fried Sriracha Balls (a mixture of shredded chicken, corn, tomatoes, and Sriracha), Chicken Fried Loaded Baked Potatoes (a battered baked potato loaded with bacon and cheddar served with ranch), and Funnel Cake Ale. [Link]
I'm actually surprised that no one has done deep fried Sriracha balls until now... the funnel cake beer also sounds interesting but I've yet to taste a good 'dessert' beer.