Friday, October 17, 2008

Bacon Stolen

A supermarket says it has been forced to take bacon off the shelves after a rash-er of thefts.

Shoppers at Londis in Burnley, Lancs, will now have to ask at the tills if they want to buy any bacon for their breakfast.

The move comes after thieves nicked ALL the bacon from the shop for two days in a row.

It is thought the soaring price (bacon has increased by 100 percent in the last 12 months) and the fact that it is easy to conceal, make it an ideal target for shoplifters.

The store has even put up a sign saying: "Due to the fact that our bacon is so delicious the shoplifters can’t resist it - If you would like to try some please ask at the tills."
Local police think that drug users are behind the crime and are stealing it to order and selling it on for half the store price.

A spokesman for Burnley Police, said: "Heroin addicts steal it, along with items like coffee, because it is an easy commodity to sell and easy to conceal in a jacket.

"They often steal it to order and then sell it for half the price of what it is sold for in the shops.

"If a wrap of heroin costs around £10, they only need to sell a few packs of bacon to pay for it and they can steal that in one fell swoop." [Source]
I like bacon as much as the next guy but I draw the line at buying street bacon.

Via [Bacon Today]


MikeyT said...

I'd TOTALLY buy cheap bacon from some heroine addict twitching for a fix in a back alley.

Steve said...

I think giving away free bacon with purchase of heroine would be a much better business plan.