Thursday, October 18, 2012

Toronto's Hot Dog Moment

Pizza Hut will be stuffing its crusts with wieners for the next six weeks and just last Tuesday this city’s latest stab at a gourmet hot dog joint opened on College Street to brisk business and much enthusiasm.

Toronto is having a hot dog moment.

“Looks like this will be the next new thing,” says Dinah Koo, owner of Fusia Dog, the year-old, haute hot dog storefront in the Entertainment District.

“This is a good thing. The hot dog is making inroads. It’s been lonely out there all alone.”

From Oct. 15 to Nov. 5, Pizza Hut chains nationwide are tempting palates — or grossing them out — by offering the hot dog pizza. They’ll stuff a small hot dog into the crust of any pizza, but recommend it in The Ultimate. A special slice created around the hot dog, it boasts tomato, bacon, red onion and jalapeno nacho cheese sauce. [Continue]
Nothing tops the cheapy Costco hotdogs!

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