Friday, November 16, 2012

Drunken Donuts

A baker at Delightful Pastries told MailOnline that the donuts were part of a Polish tradition called 'Fat Thursday' - a feast which happens before Lent - but were popular with customers all year round in Chicago.

The 'paczki', is a small donut with a creamy filling often of rose marmalade. The pastries have been part of Polish customs since the 17th century.

The donuts are made by deep-frying dough to make a traditional donut, then using a large piping bag to inject the pastry with an alcohol-laced cream filling.

The donut is then gently grilled, allowing the alcohol to evaporate but the flavor of the alcohol remains.

Delightful Pastries also creates a range of signature cakes including a raspberry chocolate mousse, mixed berry torte and German chocolate cake stuffed with pecan and coconut filling. [Continue]
Chicago is a bit far... maybe I'll just dunk my 'regular' doughnuts in vodka.

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