Friday, December 28, 2012

The Father of the Chicken Nugget

We think we know the chicken nugget: small, salty, and spongy, derided by Michael Pollan and reviled by Jamie Oliver, who recreated them on camera by whizzing a chicken in a food processor and forcing it through a sieve. We know that children adore them, that parents are conflicted about them, that public-health campaigners despise them for sparking an epidemic of obesity. We know we can’t get away from them: There are nuggets at almost every fast-food chain, on almost every restaurant kids’ menu, and in almost every supermarket freezer: breaded or naked; fried or grill-marked; gluten-free or organic; shaped like alphabets, dinosaurs, or stars.

We know almost everything about chicken nuggets, except who is responsible for them.
I could totally go for a 20-pack right about now.


MikeyT said...

Just one pack?!

Steve said...

30 would be good... but not 40