Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Run For Bacon

Sweat like a pig . . . then eat one.

It might not be the most appealing slogan but it’s being used by a Leslieville restaurant to flog a contest that rewards winners with a 30 per cent discount on a bacon sandwich.

The challenge: cycle or run a route through the streets of Toronto in the shape of a pig.

The proof: a digital map of the achievement recorded on a smartphone exercise app.

“We’ve had six winners already,” says John Clark, 34, who started the Rashers eatery with partner Richard Mulley, 37, last November. “We’ve just started the contest, but I expect it should pick up as the weather gets better.” [Link]
I hope that map is not to scale because that's like a 20k run


Astatine said...

20k isn't much if cycling. Also might need that distance to work off what you're about to eat. My question: does the pig need to smile or can you make it look terrified of the impending fate of its kin?

Steve said...

Cycling downtown is terrifying!